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The popcorn I order from SJ Sweet Shop is always beyond words. The kettle corn is light, perfectly coated and tastes phenomenal. The kettle corn is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before! It’s the perfect snack for when you want a treat, but something that’s on the salty side. Last, if you ever get a chance to try any of the “rainbow” flavors (grape, apple, cherry, etc.), do yourself a favor and GET IT!!!!!
It reminds me of the popcorn shop in town that was around when I was a kid. I used to buy the rainbow bag EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It brings up amazing feelings of nostalgia, bartering with your siblings to get your favorite colors from their bags, and most of all… game nights with family! I have been a frequent flyer at SJ Sweet Shop and I’m very sure I’ll be back for even more!"